B I L L Y   H A M M O C K

O W N E R,  G R A D U A T E   G E M O L O G I S T

Billy Hammock is the owner and founder of Creative Jewelers as it is today. Billy began his career as a welder, and when the economy reached a low point, he was offered a job by a friend to try his hand at jewelry repair. Since sizing a ring is just soldering two pieces of metal together, Billy took to his new career like a true proficient. After working as a jeweler for two and a half years, he was able to start his own store in April of 1987. Between then and now, he’s serviced the Shoals area’s jewelry wants and needs at his current location on Court Street. With an education through GIA and over 30 years of experience as a jeweler, Billy has made a name for himself as the Shoals area’s most trusted jeweler.

B R A N D I   H A M M O C K

 S T O R E   M A N A G E R. O F F I C E   A D M I N I S T R A T O R 

Brandi Hammock is the store manager and office administrator for Creative Jewelers, and is married to Billy. Billy and Brandi married in 2012, and she began working at the store in 2013. As time went by, she found that she had a knack for selling jewelry, and began to spend time on the sales floor with the clients. After attending seminars and trade shows with her husband, she began her education with GIA in the beginning of 2018, starting with Diamond and Jewelry Essentials. She hopes to earn her certification in Diamond Grading soon.

T A Y L O R    S C H W E I G H A R D T

 L E A D   S A L E S   A S S O C I A T E

Taylor Schweighardt is the lead sales associate for Creative Jewelers. Taylor started his career in jewelry in 2014 by applying for a sales job at Zale’s in the mall in Florence. Having no experience in selling jewelry, he quickly excelled and began to lead the store in sales month in and month out. After around 9 months, in June of 2015, an opening at Creative Jewelers was posted, and Taylor went for it. He found that working for a local independent jewelry store was much more rewarding and freeing than being tied to the corporate world. He recently finished his Diamond Graduate degree at GIA in March of 2018, and is planning on finishing his Graduate Gemologist program soon.