About Creative Jewelers

The store was founded in 1943 by Garvin Whitt, and was later sold to Howard and May Walker under the name “The Time Shop.” In 1987, Billy Hammock purchased the store and changed the name to Creative Jewelers. At the time, the store was located at 113 North Seminary Street, but Billy moved into the current location at 216 North Court Street in 1997.

Creative Jewelers specializes in bespoke jewelry. Our full-time artists can custom design anything that you dream or desire. We always take walk-ins, or we can schedule a free consultation. During this time, we will sit down with the client and discuss what they want in their design, and offer any ideas or suggestions on the design. We use a CAD-based 3D imaging software to create all of our pieces, in the presence of the customer. They have creative control over every detail to make sure it’s exactly what they envisioned. Once we have achieved the look for their jewelry, we have the item manufactured in a few short weeks.

Upon completion, we contact the customer to let them know their dreams have come to fruition! We always make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with the finished product.

Custom jewelry may be our forte, however we also sell fine lines of engagement rings, diamond pendants and necklaces, gemstone jewelry, and fine silver jewelry. Along with jewelry, we are also Florence’s prime destination for luxury handbags. We carry Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and much more. All of our handbags are pre-owned and 100% authentic and verified. We also buy and sell coins, including investment-grade gold and silver, and vintage American currency.

Along with the retail side of the store, Creative Jewelers prides itself in our knowledge and expertise. Billy Hammock is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and graduated in 1997.

He is also a Diamond and Gemstone Grader, and an Insurance Appraiser. His wife Brandi is also pursuing a degree through GIA in Diamond Grading. Full-time Sales Associate Taylor Schweighardt finished his Diamond Graduate degree in March of 2018.

Lastly, Creative Jewelers is also your go-to place for expert jewelry repair. Whether it’s a ring sizing, appraisal, stone setting, or just a prong re-tipping, you should feel comfortable in leaving your prized jewelry in our safe hands. We’ve earned a reputation as a trusted jeweler, and we intend to keep it that way. We always make sure our customers are satisfied with their repair.

About Creative Jewelers

The jewelry store was founded in 1943 by Garvin Whitt, and was later sold to Howard and May Walker under the name “The Time Shop”. In 1987, Billy Hammock purchased the store and changed the name to Creative Jewelers. At the time, the store was located at 113 North Seminary Street. Billy later moved to the current Court Street location in 1997. Of special note is the fact that Billy Hammock is a Graduate Gemologist through the world-renowned Gemologist Institute of America (GIA). He is one of only a few experts in the region with this exceptional designation.
Creative Jewelers, or CJ as it is often referred, specializes in custom-made jewelry. Our full-time designers can create almost anything that you can dream.

Whether it’s a new ring designed to replicate your grandmother’s antique heirloom, or a new pendant made using jewels from an old setting, our state-of-the-art design system can recreate a piece to exacting detail, or create something truly unique. If you have a design in mind and would like for us to generate a computer rendering, we’re happy to do so. We have the ability to show you the original idea, then make the necessary changes before we start manufacturing your special design.

Creative Jewelers also has a large coins department call the Coin Shoppe. Billy Hammock started collecting coins when he was five years old. Over the years he has become a well-trusted source for investment-grade gold and silver coins. The Coin Shoppe has selections for both the small and large collector.

CJ also manages estate settlements, jewelry or coin appraisals and in-house repairs. Most insurance companies will advise you that an appraisal is needed to assist in recovering the cost of replacing your special piece of jewelry in case of loss or theft.
Our appraisals consist of a four-page report with photographs and an in-depth description of your jewelry.

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of CJ is our comprehensive jewelry selection. With an array of exclusive designer lines suited to all tastes and styles, CJ is your one-stop source for all of your jewelry needs. And our prices are the most competitive in town! So stop by soon and take a look at everything that CJ has to offer! And remember to register for our Customer Experience Program. Many stores talk about the importance of a quality customer relationship. At Creative Jewelers, we put that concept into practice every day!