While creating a custom designed piece may seem overwhelming, we are experienced at simplifying the process and making your custom design experience as stress-fee as possible. One of the most common reasons for creating new custom designed jewelry is to utilize what you still can from the old pieces in your jewelry box. Older settings can become outdated or damaged, but often the jewels are still intact. Those jewels can become the centerpieces of your new masterpiece. You can take jewels from any jewelry: necklaces, earrings, pendants, cufflinks, rings, etc. Our designers will work together with you to develop your very own masterpiece that reflects your vision and budget. Our custom design specialists will bring your inspiration to life by combining the latest design technology with our dedication to creativity and customer service.


Step 1: Design Consultation

Bring any images or drawings, pieces of jewelry and loose stones that you have collected to use in our masterpiece. During this consultation, we will guide you through the process and experience of creating a true custom designed piece of jewelry. You will be given a demonstration that gives YOU the power to design your own unique piece of jewelry. Using CAD technology, we allow you to see your design, before anything is done with your money or materials!

Step 2: Concept

After discussing your masterpiece during your consultation, our jewelry designers will take your ideas, drawings and pictures and work together with you to create a design concept. If you do not have any stones, our GIA Graduate Gemologist can help you select the perfect diamonds and gemstones for your design. This is the point at which you will get to see your design in a computerized (CAD) model which displays multi-angled renderings of your piece.


Step 3: Production

Once your design concept has been finalized and an order placed, we will create a wax of your CAD model that will be processed for casting in the metal of your choice. We can cast in a variety of precious and non-precious metals suitable to suit all of your creative needs. The mold is destroyed in the casting process, assuring that your design is truly one-of-a-kind. Once a piece has been cast, it is polished and prepared for stone setting. Your gemstones are then meticulously set by our expert craftsmen. After the stones are set, the piece is polished one final time for finishing. Your finished masterpiece is then thoroughly inspected by our Quality Assurance team. Please be patient and allow time for this step because the production process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. (See store for details)

Step 4: Pick Up

Now it’s time to get excited!!! We want you to enjoy your amazing design created out of your imagination and brought to life through your hard work, patience, and dedication to style and beauty. Remember to update your homeowner’s insurance rider to reflect and protect your new masterpiece.